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* When you choose your car rental period, you can also select a pickup and drop off location in Romania and time at your convenience: airport, specific address, midnight or early morning etc.
* View specific car hire rates, according to your selection.
* Select your preferred car class, car brand, gear transmission or fuel type on the rental car.
* Take a look over all our available vehicles for rent or choose a vehicle car class to see what we have available and the rental costs.
* Once your decision is done, and you clicked on the "rent now" button go to the next step to see the total cost, what is included in price and car hire features.

Note: See our car rental conditions in Romania for Insurance policy, accessories and extra services offered especially to have a comfortable car rental experience.

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Rent A Car Bucharest - Home Page
» Audi Bucharest (Audi A4 - Bucharest, Audi A8 - Bucharest, Audi A5 - Bucharest, Audi A6 - Bucharest, Audi A3 - Bucharest, Audi Q5 - Bucharest)
» BMW Bucharest (BMW X5 - Bucharest, BMW seria 3 - Bucharest, BMW X6 - Bucharest, BMW X1 - Bucharest, BMW seria 5 - Bucharest, BMW X3 - Bucharest, BMW Cabrio - Bucharest)
» Chevrolet Bucharest (Chevrolet Captiva - Bucharest, Chevrolet Orlando - Bucharest, Chevrolet Aveo - Bucharest)
» Citroen Bucharest (Citroen C-Elysee - Bucharest)
» Dacia Bucharest (Dacia Logan - Bucharest, Dacia Logan MCV - Bucharest, Dacia Lodgy - Bucharest, Dacia Duster - Bucharest)
» Ford Bucharest (Ford Kuga - Bucharest, Ford Focus - Bucharest, Ford Fiesta New - Bucharest)
» Hyundai Bucharest (Hyundai i20 - Bucharest, Hyundai Elantra - Bucharest)
» Land Rover Bucharest (Land Rover Freelander - Bucharest)
» Mercedes Bucharest (Mercedes Vito - Bucharest, Mercedes ML - Bucharest, Mercedes GLK - Bucharest, Mercedes CLS 350 CDI - Bucharest, Mercedes GLA 220 CDI - Bucharest)
» Mini Bucharest (Mini One - Bucharest)
» Mitsubishi Bucharest (Mitsubishi ASX - Bucharest)
» Nissan Bucharest (Nissan Qashqai - Bucharest)
» Opel Bucharest (Opel Zafira - Bucharest, Opel Corsa - Bucharest, Opel Antara - Bucharest, Opel Insignia - Bucharest, Opel Astra New - Bucharest, Opel Astra sedan - Bucharest, Opel Vivaro - Bucharest, Opel Astra - Bucharest)
» Range Rover Bucharest (Range Rover Evoque - Bucharest, Range Rover Sport HSE - Bucharest)
» Renault Bucharest (Renault Clio - Bucharest, Renault Trafic - Bucharest, Renault Fluence - Bucharest, Renault Captur - Bucharest, Renault Megane - Bucharest)
» Seat Bucharest (Seat Toledo - Bucharest)
» Skoda Bucharest (Skoda Superb TDI - Bucharest, Skoda Octavia - Bucharest, Skoda Fabia - Bucharest, Skoda Octavia aut - Bucharest, Skoda Rapid - Bucharest)
» Suzuki Bucharest (Suzuki S-Cross - Bucharest, Suzuki Vitara - Bucharest)
» Toyota Bucharest (Toyota Aygo - Bucharest, Toyota Yaris - Bucharest)
» Volvo Bucharest (Volvo S40 - Bucharest, Volvo c30 - Bucharest)
» VW Bucharest (VW Passat - Bucharest, VW Touran - Bucharest, VW Golf Plus - Bucharest, VW Transporter - Bucharest, VW Golf - Bucharest, VW Polo - Bucharest, VW Jetta - Bucharest, VW Touareg - Bucharest, VW Golf VII - Bucharest, VW Passat CC - Bucharest, VW Tiguan - Bucharest)
Rent A Car Bucharest Otopeni Airport - Page Offer
» Audi Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Audi A4 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Audi A8 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Audi A5 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Audi A6 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Audi A3 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Audi Q5 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» BMW Bucharest Otopeni Airport (BMW X5 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, BMW seria 3 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, BMW X6 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, BMW X1 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, BMW seria 5 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, BMW X3 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, BMW Cabrio - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Chevrolet Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Chevrolet Captiva - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Chevrolet Orlando - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Chevrolet Aveo - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Citroen Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Citroen C-Elysee - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Dacia Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Dacia Logan - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Dacia Logan MCV - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Dacia Lodgy - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Dacia Duster - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Ford Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Ford Kuga - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Ford Focus - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Ford Fiesta New - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Hyundai Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Hyundai i20 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Hyundai Elantra - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Land Rover Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Land Rover Freelander - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Mercedes Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Mercedes Vito - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Mercedes ML - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Mercedes GLK - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Mercedes CLS 350 CDI - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Mercedes GLA 220 CDI - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Mini Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Mini One - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Mitsubishi Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Mitsubishi ASX - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Nissan Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Nissan Qashqai - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Opel Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Opel Zafira - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Opel Corsa - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Opel Antara - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Opel Insignia - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Opel Astra New - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Opel Vivaro - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Opel Astra - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Range Rover Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Range Rover Evoque - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Range Rover Sport HSE - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Renault Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Renault Clio - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Renault Trafic - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Renault Fluence - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Renault Captur - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Renault Megane - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Seat Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Seat Toledo - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Skoda Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Skoda Superb TDI - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Skoda Octavia - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Skoda Fabia - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Skoda Octavia aut - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Skoda Rapid - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Suzuki Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Suzuki S-Cross - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Suzuki Vitara - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Toyota Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Toyota Aygo - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Toyota Yaris - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» Volvo Bucharest Otopeni Airport (Volvo S40 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, Volvo c30 - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
» VW Bucharest Otopeni Airport (VW Passat - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Touran - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Golf Plus - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Transporter - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Golf - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Polo - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Jetta - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Touareg - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Golf VII - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Passat CC - Bucharest Otopeni Airport, VW Tiguan - Bucharest Otopeni Airport)
Rent A Car Bucharest Baneasa Airport - Page Offer
» Audi Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Audi A4 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Audi A8 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Audi A5 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Audi A6 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Audi A3 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Audi Q5 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» BMW Bucharest Baneasa Airport (BMW X5 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, BMW seria 3 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, BMW X6 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, BMW X1 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, BMW seria 5 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, BMW X3 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, BMW Cabrio - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Chevrolet Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Chevrolet Captiva - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Chevrolet Orlando - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Chevrolet Aveo - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Citroen Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Citroen C-Elysee - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Dacia Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Dacia Logan - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Dacia Logan MCV - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Dacia Lodgy - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Dacia Duster - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Ford Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Ford Kuga - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Ford Focus - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Ford Fiesta New - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Hyundai Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Hyundai i20 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Hyundai Elantra - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Land Rover Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Land Rover Freelander - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Mercedes Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Mercedes Vito - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Mercedes ML - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Mercedes GLK - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Mercedes CLS 350 CDI - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Mercedes GLA 220 CDI - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Mini Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Mini One - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Mitsubishi Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Mitsubishi ASX - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Nissan Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Nissan Qashqai - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Opel Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Opel Zafira - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Opel Corsa - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Opel Antara - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Opel Insignia - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Opel Astra New - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Opel Astra sedan - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Opel Vivaro - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Opel Astra - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Range Rover Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Range Rover Evoque - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Range Rover Sport HSE - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Renault Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Renault Clio - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Renault Trafic - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Renault Fluence - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Renault Captur - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Renault Megane - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Seat Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Seat Toledo - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Skoda Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Skoda Superb TDI - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Skoda Octavia - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Skoda Fabia - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Skoda Octavia aut - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Skoda Rapid - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Suzuki Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Suzuki S-Cross - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Suzuki Vitara - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Toyota Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Toyota Aygo - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Toyota Yaris - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» Volvo Bucharest Baneasa Airport (Volvo S40 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, Volvo c30 - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
» VW Bucharest Baneasa Airport (VW Passat - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Touran - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Golf Plus - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Transporter - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Golf - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Polo - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Jetta - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Touareg - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Golf VII - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Passat CC - Bucharest Baneasa Airport, VW Tiguan - Bucharest Baneasa Airport)
Rent A Car Cluj Napoca Airport - Page Offer
» Chevrolet Cluj Napoca Airport (Chevrolet Orlando - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Citroen Cluj Napoca Airport (Citroen C-Elysee - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Dacia Cluj Napoca Airport (Dacia Logan - Cluj Napoca Airport, Dacia Lodgy - Cluj Napoca Airport, Dacia Duster - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Ford Cluj Napoca Airport (Ford Fiesta - Cluj Napoca Airport, Ford Kuga - Cluj Napoca Airport, Ford Focus - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Hyundai Cluj Napoca Airport (Hyundai i30 - Cluj Napoca Airport, Hyundai i20 - Cluj Napoca Airport, Hyundai Elantra - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Mercedes Cluj Napoca Airport (Mercedes Vito - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Nissan Cluj Napoca Airport (Nissan Qashqai - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Opel Cluj Napoca Airport (Opel Zafira - Cluj Napoca Airport, Opel Corsa - Cluj Napoca Airport, Opel Antara - Cluj Napoca Airport, Opel Insignia - Cluj Napoca Airport, Opel Astra New - Cluj Napoca Airport, Opel Vivaro - Cluj Napoca Airport, Opel Astra - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Renault Cluj Napoca Airport (Renault Clio - Cluj Napoca Airport, Renault Trafic - Cluj Napoca Airport, Renault Fluence - Cluj Napoca Airport, Renault Captur - Cluj Napoca Airport, Renault Megane - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Seat Cluj Napoca Airport (Seat Toledo - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Skoda Cluj Napoca Airport (Skoda Superb TDI - Cluj Napoca Airport, Skoda Fabia - Cluj Napoca Airport, Skoda Octavia - Cluj Napoca Airport, Skoda Rapid - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Suzuki Cluj Napoca Airport (Suzuki Vitara - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» Toyota Cluj Napoca Airport (Toyota Aygo - Cluj Napoca Airport)
» VW Cluj Napoca Airport (VW Jetta - Cluj Napoca Airport, VW Tiguan - Cluj Napoca Airport, VW Touran - Cluj Napoca Airport, VW Golf Plus - Cluj Napoca Airport, VW Polo - Cluj Napoca Airport, VW Passat - Cluj Napoca Airport, VW Golf VII - Cluj Napoca Airport)
Rent A Car Bacau Airport - Page Offer
» BMW Bacau Airport (BMW X1 - Bacau Airport)
» Chevrolet Bacau Airport (Chevrolet Orlando - Bacau Airport)
» Citroen Bacau Airport (Citroen C-Elysee - Bacau Airport)
» Dacia Bacau Airport (Dacia Lodgy - Bacau Airport, Dacia Duster - Bacau Airport, Dacia Logan - Bacau Airport)
» Ford Bacau Airport (Ford Kuga - Bacau Airport, Ford Focus - Bacau Airport)
» Hyundai Bacau Airport (Hyundai i20 - Bacau Airport, Hyundai i10 - Bacau Airport, Hyundai Elantra - Bacau Airport)
» Kia Bacau Airport (Kia Sportage - Bacau Airport)
» Mercedes Bacau Airport (Mercedes Vito - Bacau Airport)
» Nissan Bacau Airport (Nissan Qashqai - Bacau Airport)
» Opel Bacau Airport (Opel Zafira - Bacau Airport, Opel Corsa - Bacau Airport, Opel Antara - Bacau Airport, Opel Insignia - Bacau Airport, Opel Astra New - Bacau Airport, Opel Vivaro - Bacau Airport, Opel Astra - Bacau Airport)
» Renault Bacau Airport (Renault Trafic - Bacau Airport, Renault Fluence - Bacau Airport, Renault Captur - Bacau Airport, Renault Megane - Bacau Airport, Renault Clio - Bacau Airport)
» Seat Bacau Airport (Seat Toledo - Bacau Airport)
» Skoda Bacau Airport (Skoda Superb TDI - Bacau Airport, Skoda Fabia - Bacau Airport, Skoda Rapid - Bacau Airport, Skoda Citigo - Bacau Airport, Skoda Octavia - Bacau Airport)
» Suzuki Bacau Airport (Suzuki Vitara - Bacau Airport)
» Toyota Bacau Airport (Toyota Aygo - Bacau Airport)
» VW Bacau Airport (VW Jetta - Bacau Airport, VW Tiguan - Bacau Airport, VW Touran - Bacau Airport, VW Golf Plus - Bacau Airport, VW Polo - Bacau Airport, VW Golf VII - Bacau Airport, VW Touareg - Bacau Airport, VW Passat - Bacau Airport)
Rent A Car Iasi - Page Offer
» Audi Iasi (Audi A5 - Iasi, Audi A1 Sportback - Iasi)
» BMW Iasi (BMW X1 - Iasi)
» Chevrolet Iasi (Chevrolet Orlando - Iasi)
» Citroen Iasi (Citroen C1 - Iasi, Citroen Cactus - Iasi, Citroen C-Elysee - Iasi)
» Dacia Iasi (Dacia Logan - Iasi, Dacia Logan MCV - Iasi, Dacia Sandero - Iasi, Dacia Lodgy - Iasi, Dacia Duster - Iasi)
» Ford Iasi (Ford Fiesta - Iasi, Ford Kuga - Iasi, Ford Focus - Iasi)
» Honda Iasi (Honda Civic - Iasi)
» Hyundai Iasi (Hyundai i20 - Iasi, Hyundai i10 - Iasi, Hyundai Elantra - Iasi)
» Kia Iasi (Kia Sportage - Iasi)
» Mazda Iasi (Mazda MX5 - Iasi)
» Mercedes Iasi (Mercedes Vito - Iasi, Mercedes GLK - Iasi)
» Nissan Iasi (Nissan Qashqai - Iasi)
» Opel Iasi (Opel Zafira - Iasi, Opel Corsa - Iasi, Opel Antara - Iasi, Opel Insignia - Iasi, Opel Astra New - Iasi, Opel Vivaro - Iasi, Opel Astra - Iasi)
» Peugeot Iasi (Peugeot 107 - Iasi)
» Range Rover Iasi (Range Rover Evoque - Iasi)
» Renault Iasi (Renault Clio - Iasi, Renault Trafic - Iasi, Renault Fluence - Iasi, Renault Captur - Iasi, Renault Megane - Iasi)
» Seat Iasi (Seat Leon - Iasi, Seat Toledo - Iasi)
» Skoda Iasi (Skoda Fabia - Iasi, Skoda Octavia - Iasi, Skoda Octavia Wagon - Iasi, Skoda Rapid - Iasi, Skoda Citigo - Iasi, Skoda Superb TDI - Iasi)
» Suzuki Iasi (Suzuki Vitara - Iasi)
» Toyota Iasi (Toyota Aygo - Iasi)
» VW Iasi (VW Jetta - Iasi, VW Transporter - Iasi, VW Touran - Iasi, VW Golf Plus - Iasi, VW Polo - Iasi, VW Golf VII - Iasi, VW Touareg - Iasi, VW UP - Iasi, VW Tiguan - Iasi, VW Passat - Iasi)
Rent A Car Sighisoara - Page Offer
Rent A Car Medias - Page Offer
» Opel Medias (Opel Vivaro - Medias)
» Renault Medias (Renault Captur - Medias)
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